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Dr. Shruti Marwaha
General Secretary (CWSIR)
 Case Study
Hemangi Arora Mishra
 Case Study
Dr. Sofie Nubani (USA)
Executive President (CWSIR)
 Case Study
Dr. Priyal Anand
Advocate, Supreme Court of India
Vice President (CWSIR)
 Case Study
Prof. Dr. Dheeraj Mehrotra
Director (CWSIR)
 Case Study
Dr. Raavee Tripathi
Executive Director (CWSIR)
 Case Study
Dr. Nagarajan Sudarsanan
Deputy Director (CWSIR)
 Case Study
Dr. Seema Negi
Director, MEETx (CWSIR)
 Case Study
Adv. Dr. Nupur Dhamija
Ex. CBI Officer Advocate, Supreme Court (Additional Director, CWSIR)
 Case Study
Dr. P. K. Rajput
Former Sr. Vice President, Cadila Pharma Ltd. (Additional Director CWSIR)

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The Charles Walter’s Society for Innovation & Research(CWSIR) was established as an independent Research & Innovation Society