Eligibility to be the Member of CWSIR:-

1. The one can be nominated by the Honorary Patrons of CWSIR for the membership.
2. The candidature must be accepted by the majority of the board members to qualify the membership.
3. The Founder can nominated and issue the membership independently.
4. The one must be graduate, physically/mentally fit and fine and can be of any country but must be thought leader and good enough in his/her disciplines.
5. The applicant for the membership must have to send the profile with form of membership via official mail address of CWSIR.
6. If the candidature is accepted with majority of the board members therefore the card of membership would be issued to him/her within a week.
7. The membership is only for an year and automatically extended as per the candidates participation in the various reforms, Innovation and research work of CWSIR.
8. The review desk can dismiss the membership in case of the disciplinary action imposed on the member of CWSIR with serious contempt of code of conduct of the organisation.
9. The member must take part actively in the programs of CWSIR.
10. The research scholars and reformers are generally preferred issuing the membership.

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The Charles Walter’s Society for Innovation & Research(CWSIR) was established as an independent Research & Innovation Society