Virtual Events

1. World Researcher’s Symposium
This aims to forefront and bring the new researchers, innovators and young scientists in the sincere notice of the world so that the new era of innovation and creativity can begin. 2. World Education Summit
The event fulfils the goal of congregation of educators/educationists around the globe to discuss the current scenario of education and academia of different nation to nurture the finest ideas to the betterment of academic pedagogy and education system.

3. World Peace Summit
This summit efforts to establish the ultimate goal of human being that is PEACE on the planet with the harmony, mercy, righteousness, nationalism and bliss.

4. World Youth Summit
WYS targets the young minds to mould them from dark to light motivations through influential talks with different issues and discussions that is certainly based on the need of time and the era.

5. MEETx
MEETx is the event of unique gathering in the community that unleashes new ideas, inspire and inform.

Physical Events

1. National Researchers Summit
This is the gathering to promote the innovation and research with the current needs and demands.

2. National Education Summit
NES promotes the innovative academic pedagogy and educational techniques to improve quality and creative education.

3. National Awards and Felicitation
NAAF aims to encourages the young and ignited intellects with great and unique EQ and IQ by felicitation or awarding them propagating their vision and mission to the betterment of the society, nation, world and the most important that’s NATURE.

4. National Peace Summit
NPS scatters the light to enable sightedness of the human family to emphasise on the establishment of PEACE on the planet with the best efforts.

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